“I take photographs in my neighborhood. I think that mysterious things happen in familiar places. We don’t always need to run to the other end of the world.”
— Saul Leiter

“Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” 

— Katie Thurmes

In this episode, Antonio and Ward delve into the nuances of capturing their local neighborhoods, with Ward sharing his outing in downtown Calgary and Antonio discussing his artist talk at the Blue Star Parlor Cafe in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Antonio emphasizes the significance of observing and photographing everyday surroundings, advocating for mindfulness in photography and the creation of a historical record through images.

Their conversation also touches on the influence of famous photographers like Bernice Abbott and Eugene Smith, and their impact on Antonio’s work. They explore themes such as the transience of urban landscapes, the role of street art and murals, and the emotional response to neighborhood changes. Both offer advice on capturing the essence of one’s surroundings, underscoring the importance of recording even mundane aspects of daily life.

Finally, Antonio shares his experience of being featured in a local news segment about his photography exhibition, reflecting on the joy of inspiring others through his work. He introduces the idea of starting a “Coffee and Cameras” group to foster community engagement through photography, similar to Ward’s “Beers and Cameras” gatherings. 

Image Gallery: https://streetshots.photography/2023/11/15/street-shots-195-neighborhood-watch/

Show Links:

“Revitalizing Spaces and Building Community Through Public Art”

Antonio M Rosario on News12

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