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Antonio and Ward discuss the recent announcement by Apple about their VisionPro headset, which offer spatial computing and a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. Antonio expresses his skepticism in the immersive photography capabilities of the headset, which can capture images in 3D and provide a unique viewing experience. He compares the headset to a scene from a movie called “Real Life” where a filmmaker wears a similar camera setup to document a family’s life. Antonio ponders the idea of being removed from an event while capturing it through a headset and questions the authenticity of such memories. 

Next, Ward remembers his recent experience at a rodeo event where he decided to approach photography in a more liberated and unconventional manner. He used a journal to explore his own mindset and capture images that evoked feelings rather than following a specific narrative. This departure from his usual approach, such as shooting for a book, allowed him to shoot freely without external constraints. Ward reflects on the newfound freedom he felt and the different compositions and subjects he captured. He also contemplates the potential integration of this experience into his street photography and the deeper personal and philosophical thoughts that arose during the process. Ward plans to continue the project and is considering expanding it beyond rodeos. He mentions his intention to create a journal with printed photos and observations to further explore his direction. Overall, this shift in Ward’s photography approach brought unexpected insights and progress.

Finally, Ward and Antonio talk about the recent video by Alex Kilbee on Vivian Maier and the idea of photographers not sharing their work. They reflect on the complexities of labeling oneself as a photographer and the influence of social media on the perception of photography. They question whether photographers are obligated to showcase their work and the potential impact of audience feedback on artistic expression. They also mention their personal experiences with sharing images on social media platforms and the decision to reduce their online presence.

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