There are a few things on the plate in this episode. Firstly, Antonio has curated and printed a zine featuring captivating details from his local area, while Ward recently visited an unconventional gallery in a shoe store basement, displaying work by Calgary street photographer David Marion. Then they commemorate the 100th birthday of the influential photographer, Richard Avedon, with Antonio sharing his experience of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, highlighting Avedon’s monumental murals from the late 60s and early 70s. Given Avedon’s significant contribution to fashion, portrait, and fine art photography, Ward and Antonio dedicate this episode to delving into his impressive and influential work. 

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Show Links:

Richard Avedon: MURALS

Charlie Rose interview with Richard Avedon, 1993

David Marion

Antonio’s Zine

Antonio M. Rosario’s Website, Vero, Twitter and Facebook page

Ward Rosin’s Website, Vero, Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Ornis Photo Website 

The Unusual Collective

Street Shots Instagram

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Ward visits a gallery

Antonio’s Zine

Richard Avedon Exhibit and Book