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Antonio welcomes his friend Bart Busschots from the “Let’s Talk Photography” podcast in this episode. They pick up on the AI discussion that was started on episode 113 of “Let’s Talk Photography” and delve deeper into the artistic, moral, and ethical implications of AI-generated images.

In this episode, Antonio and Bart Busschots continue their discussion about AI-generated images and their implications. They delve deeper into the topic, exploring various aspects such as the artistic and aesthetic value of such images, the ethical and moral considerations that come with their creation, and their potential impact on various industries and society at large. They discuss how AI can be trained to create images that are aesthetically pleasing but lack the human touch and the emotional depth that comes with human creativity. On the other hand, they also explore how AI-generated images can be used to enhance creativity and aid artists in their work.

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Here is the image of Antonio’s friend that was input into MidJourney AI. It was taken with a Fujifilm GFX-50S ii and Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4 and processed in Lightroom CC.

Here are the derivative images MidJourney came up with with prompts such as “Mid-aged hipster,” “In the style of Vermeer,” “Anime version” and “Hipster Viking.”