Red Hook, Brooklyn

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday and my usual hectic schedule, I’m repeating episode 86 from last year’s end-of-November show called “Creative Oasis.” I’ll work on having some fresh content for mid-December but until then, if you haven’t already heard this episode, I hope you’ll enjoy it. It was a great discussion about creativity and what we can do to spark it in ourselves. Here are the notes from that show: 

When the world around us is too overwhelming, where do we go to find respite? A “creative oasis” perhaps? The definition of an oasis is “something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.” How can we find these oases? Join me and my buddy Mark Reierson in an intimate discussion of exploration as we try to figure out together where these oases exist and what we can do when we find them. This show comes from an idea I had after being on the ShutterTime podcast with Mac and we explored a subject together while recording the show. It’s a slightly new format which I’d like to try again. I hope you find the chat with Mark as fascinating as I did. 


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