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Not to 1983 but to episode 83 from last year. Because of a hectic week, my show schedule had gone a little loopy so I decided to replay episode 83 from last October. On that show, I had both Mac Sokulski of the ShutterTime podcast and Mark Reierson (both are also part of the Unusual Collective) where we talked about photo walks. I figured because the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk is this upcoming Saturday, Oct. 5th, replaying this show might be fun for those of you will be participating in that event and didn’t hear this show last year. Also, I talk a little about a cool app that’s doing some amazing things with the depth features of the newer iPhones.

Show Links:

Miks Media

ShutterTime Podcast

Mark Reierson

Worldwide Photo Walk Red Hook, Brooklyn

Focos App